Sunday, July 26, 2015

Buns !~ Buns!~ .. Hot hot soft soft Buns!~

It had been a while since i last posted anything here.

I had issues with my back pain for a few mths now ... and it really bothering me .. I was not able to stand too long .. or even sit down without the pain ... Had been going to Tuina and Accupoint .. when my right side was "cured" .. .my left side became painful ...

My sinseh said that all along the left side had issues too .. but the right side was worst, hence I didnt tot I had any problem with my left side.. anyway .. its always good to follow up closely to "cure" the pain ... I tot i was better on my left side and stopped going to Tuina .. and now it go worst again .. So its back to the Tuina table again ... hopefully another 5 session will help .. ba......

Anyway .. as i mentioned, i had not been baking alot lately .. The other recent bake is a Pororo Durian cake for my Nephew In Law .. didnt wanted to do any special .. so just do a ombre blue cake deco .. and added some Pororo toys and mashmellow .. hahaha .. lazy way of doing cake .. anyway they dont know how to appreciate real cake deco .. and the toy is something the kid can play after the cake is gone .. so i think its more worth it to top with toy instead of overly sweet fondant figurine that is super hard to handle .. hehehehe .. Lazy Bigaku speaking here ...

I been wanting to make buns using normal mixer instead of Bread Maker (which i overly rely on lately too .. coz its so too convenient...) .. Since I had time last Sunday, I decided to brave my backache and make buns over my KA mixer .. hahaha ..

I had taken down a few bread recipe and one that really standout is the Shibuya トウトー recipe video I watch a few weeks back. I took a screen shot of each step from the video ..

The bread dough was ez to handle after kneading and it raises up to the occasion very well.

This is a TO KEEP recipe and will use this for a while .. love the spongy feeling when eating it ...

I half the recipe as 1kg of Flour is too much for my KA to handle ...


Breadflour 500gm ( I used 350g Breadflour + 150g Plain Flour)
Sugar 35gm
Yeast 10gm
Salt 8gm
Eggs 2 nos
Milk 200ml
Soften Butter 150gm

Had the bread this morning ...


Monday, December 30, 2013

CNY Trial Bake #2 - Meringue Cookies

Had always shun off Meringue as I very scare to spoil the batter when beating egg whites. But I have eggs (too many of it) and dont know what to do with them. So when one hubby-less evening, I think I should had enuff time to do it. So i gave it a try.

Meringues are made from Egg Whites, so I presume its consider HEALTHIER choice for cookies.. But its the sugar .. -___-

Borrowed the recipe from The Baking Biatch - Meringue Roses .

The result was really good .. I hawk over the KA all thru the beating as I really scare to spoil the eggs whites ... *hehe*

The result .. Heavenly! ... Light !!! SWEET! .. haha .. anyway I will do it again .. and this time .. LESSER sugar.

Hopefully I get time to do a bit of this as CNY bakes. ^_^

CNY Trial Bake #1 - Bah Kwa Cookies (Adapted from Anncoo Jounal)

Xmas and CNY is only 1mth apart! .. I was contemplating not baking anything for CNY since i baked for Xmas already.

But I know there are some recipes that are not so difficult lah. So I decided to try out something Savoury for CNY this year as too much Sweets stuff around usually... A search online and i found this not so difficult recipe from Anncoo Journal - Bah Kwa Cookies.

Decided to give this a try .. so I headed to Bee Cheng Hiang to get some bah kwa and others .. hehe I have standby at home ...

Was worried that the cookies gonna taste weird as its still a sweet batter and now Bah Kwa will be added.

I bought the SPICY Bah Kwa hahahha .. so i was really keeping my fingers crossed that its going to turn out EDIBLE. hiak hiak ...

Anyway, the end result is really GOOD!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bakes for Christmas 2014 #2 - Awfully Chocolate Log Cake (very good review wor)

My last year's log cake (first time done without attending any classes), was very lousy in terms of taste and texture ... So this year, I told myself that I have to really make one GOOD one to redeem myself (which I had already done a few times lah) for the Co. Xmas Party in office.

I decided to give Chocolate another try .. I really dont do good with chocolate. But this time, surprisingly .. ITS A SUCCESS!!! .. Almost Awfully Chocolate .... ^_^ ... I am so pleased with myself when everyone who tried the cake TOT it was store bought. when the big bosses knew I bake it, they were all @_@ so surprised ... hehehe ..


 Swiss Roll

90gm Plain Flour and 10gm Cocoa Powder (Sifted together)
100gm Sugar
100gm Veg Oil
4 large Eggs

- Grease and Line a 11 x 11 swiss roll pan and pre heat oven to 180degC
- Whisk Eggs and Sugar till 3 x volume (ribbon stage some called it)
- Fold in Flour (do not fully incorporate it)
- Pour in Oil and Fold till SHINY batter
- Pour batter into prepared pan and level it.
- bake in oven for 15mins or till toothpick test come out clean.

Chocolate Ganache

250gm GOOD chocolate coverture (I used Valhorna 70%)
250ml Non Dairy Whipping Cream (I used Toppin Pride)
Rum if doing for Adults only.

- Boil Whipping Cream
- Pour over Chocolate and hand whisk till fully melted evenly.
- Let it cool down till NUTELLA consistancy (spreadable consistancy)
- Spread and deco accordingly

FYI, this recipe can also be used for normal ROUND / SQUARE 8" cakes. ^_^ ..

Oh in the last photo in the background, u see NAMA Chocolate too!! .. hehehe .. which you can find the recipe also when u click HERE....


Bakes for Christmas 2014 #1 - Boozie Fruit Cakes - Adults ONLY ...

Sorry for not been posting updates lately... Its the HOLIDAYS man .. needed some therapy ... BAKING!! ... Recently did a few bakes which I am really very happy with.

First Up... XMAS!

Had done some Boozie Fruit Cakes as gifts (definately for Adults only) ... Did two version actually .. coz I had 1kg worth of fruits to use .. Used the whole bottle of Myer Rum for this ..

Took 1 week of soaking b4 I did my first batch of trial bakes ...

Very BOOZIE indeed .. I was worried too boozie so I didnt add additional Rum during baking. However, as per my office colleagues who tried this batch, they commented its too much .. er .. but who will hiam too much booze?!?! Anyway, my colleagues dont really keen on this cake. So i decided not to bake any more of this cake for them .. HAHAHA ... only a few who knows to appreciate bah..

Ultimately, I baked the 2nd batch with EXTRA booze added into the batter .. hahaha who cares when u get drank on Chirstmas day! Ho ho ho ...

I adapted the recipe from my baking teacher Mr Richard Goh's Stage 3 - Rich Fruit Cake. Its basically Buttercake recipe with Fruits (soaked in Booze) ...

This is not a kid friendly recipe .. so I am not going to upload here .. hehehe ...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Cakes by Cheria

After my recent orders delivery to a few friends, I started to get enquiries from their friends on the cakes .. and my good neibie decided to start a FB page for me and my cakes .. took us a few days to come out with the right name ...

Finally decided on "Happy Cakes by Cheria"

Pls QR code above to go to my facebook page.

I welcome enquiries and as long as u give me advance notice for orders, I shld be able to make it for you.

This is my first bake after starting of my page.

Aiden 1st Bday Cake

So happen my good bro's boy's bday also falls in Nov. So we met up for dinner and i decided to bake a cake for the bday boy.

Abit messy .. but it was totally well received by the dinner guest ... ^_^ ...