Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Cakes by Cheria

After my recent orders delivery to a few friends, I started to get enquiries from their friends on the cakes .. and my good neibie decided to start a FB page for me and my cakes .. took us a few days to come out with the right name ...

Finally decided on "Happy Cakes by Cheria"

Pls QR code above to go to my facebook page.

I welcome enquiries and as long as u give me advance notice for orders, I shld be able to make it for you.

This is my first bake after starting of my page.

Aiden 1st Bday Cake

So happen my good bro's boy's bday also falls in Nov. So we met up for dinner and i decided to bake a cake for the bday boy.

Abit messy .. but it was totally well received by the dinner guest ... ^_^ ...

Annebel's 1st Bday

I took up an order for a good gf's gal's 1st bday... order came in in Sept .. for delivery in Nov .. hahaa .. good lead time for me to think of ideas and prepare my stuff ..

The colors are firmed to be Pink and White .. as my usual colors for small gals ... ^_^ ..

Did a strawberry cake with marshmellow and cream deco .. Also included in on the table spread are 12 cake push pops.


Misc bakes ...

Did a few misc bake for office over the few mths that... will upload the recipe later .. but photo for u to drool on first .. hahaha ..

Banana Walnut Cake

 Japanese Cheesecake
Fantastic Banana Sponge Cake

Durian Cake for My Hubby's bday ...

Wanted to make durian cake for my hubby bday this year, and had done the MOUSSE cake first, however, i am sooooooooooo worried that the cake will be too dense (as the mousse is too wet) so i decided to do another cake with durian cream instead.

Hence, ended up with two cakes for my hubby.. the cream cake was the one that is used for celebration.. . and the mousse cake became a after dinner dessert later .. hahahaha ..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR (belated post)

DOLL Cake for special gals ...

Sorry, had not been blogging lately .. quite bz with work and also distracted by other stuff ... *hahaha*

 I had done two birthday DOLL cake order for my friends ...

This was done for my neibie's niece ... she loves it!! ..

Did this bday table spread for my colleague's dotty's bday at the child care... the cake for the dress is a pink zebra cake .. i dont seems to be able to update the photo here .. anyway .. hehehe ..