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20-March-2013 - Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake - Non Bake

My friend had been asking me to do my original baked cheese cake for a long time, however I really wanna try another type of cheese cake. I chance upon my friend's Strawberry Jelly (no hearts also) Non Baked Cheesecake which tempted me very much to give it a try. Esp nowadays the Korean strawberries are really NICE!

I sourced for a few Strawberry Hearts cheesecake recipes and had wanted to go on and do it. However, my gf asked me to try adding Whipped Cream to the Cheesecake to make it lighter. I was abit apprehend about this approach as not many non bake cheesecake add whipped cream.

However, I decided to give it a try, as my office are mainly Japanese and they rather prefer less sweet and more milky type of cakes (from the comments they give of my various bakes).

Hence I hybrid two kinds of non baked cheese cake recipe and came out with this I made.

The outcome was great. I was so worried that it taste horrible that i have to take a slice b4 I let others take their dig into it ... Lucky it was good .. and i really leave how the cheese texture and fluffiness and lightness it was.

One of my japanese coll wont dont like cheese cake actually took a 2nd serving as she felt that the cake was really light and just right sweetness with a bit of the sourness from the strawberries.

This is a cut out of the cake .... my biscuit base is not firm enuff ... and i think the cheesecake abit too thick layer .. next time i will try to ensure cheesecake and jello layer is similar thickness..

Recipe as follows:-

8” square / round pan

Wash and  prepare your strawberries the way you want it (hearts or thin slices like mine)


8  - 10 pcs of Digestive biscuits – crushed to fine bread crumbs like.

100grm of melted butter mixed well into crushed biscuits ensure crumbs can form a firm dough when grab together else the base will fall apart when cut.

Press the biscuit base to the cake pan firmly with the back of a spoon or by pressing with your hand.

Set pan / tray into fridge to set for min. 10mins.


50g sugar (caster / fine)

5g gelatin

150ml boiling water


250gm Cream cheese (room temp)

1tsp vanilla extract


150gm whipped cream + 1 tsp strawberry flavour (stiff peak) – keep cold in fridge after whisking, till needed

(Note: I used 100g Frosty whip powder and mixed with 50ml Strawberry yoghurt milk to make the whipped cream with strawberry flavor)


Mix ingredient of (B) together and stir to ensure gelatin is dissolved into the mixture. Ensure no lumps. If there is, remove / strain away the lumps. Let it cook to room temp.

** Start (C) only after gelatin is almost cooled to room temp.

Beat (C) at slow speed on a hand mixer till creamy and fluffy

Slowly pour (B) mixture to (C) while still beating slowly.

Ensure all incorporated and now batter should be runny consistency.

FOLD the whipped cream slowly ( I do in three parts) and ensure that whipped cream is well mixed into better.

Pour batter into cake pan.

Arrange the strawberries your way.

(**From my experience, If u using slices, pls ensure u have thicker slice and press abit of the strawberry into the cheese to ensure it won’t FLOAT up when pour the jelly.)

Let cake set in fridge for min. 4hrs or overnight

Jelly Layer (the next day)
1 packet of Jell-O Strawberry or Totally brand Jelly (Rasberry)

Follow instruction on box to prepare the jelly mixture. Let it cool to room temp. Slowly pour onto cake.
(note: pour the jelly on the strawberry not the exposed cheese cake area (this will make the cheese cake loose and jelly will become milky)

Let Jelly set.

Serve cold.
As this method use little gelatin coz of whipped cream, this cake don’t stay long in room temp. Hence pls ensure keep in fridge or keep it cold as much as u can. From my own cake, I realized it become soft after about an hour. Cake still holds well but not as firmed as originally taken from fridge.

I will give this recipe another try but will use blueberry instead as i prefer blueberry .. haha ...


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