Monday, July 15, 2013

150713 - Nama Chocolate 生チョコェトー

Recently saw a few gals in MFWL posting Nama Chocolate ... as you may know .. i am really not a chocolate person .. so didnt take notice of this ...

Till i tried the Royce Nama Chocolate from Japan, from my neibies .. i tot it was good .. not overly sweet .. comes abit bitter also ..

Anyway .. I had a 500g block of 60% cocoa butter coveture from RG .. so I decided to give it a try ..

A search online had yield a few different types of Nama Chocolate recipes .. but i noticed that one particular recipe was commonly used and tweeted .. so i decided to use this simple recipe for my virgin try ...

I took the recipe from this blog ...

Just One Cookbook - Nama Chocolate

I did a half recipe for a first try ..

Anyway .. the whole process is 45mins .. COZ i forgot to defrost my whipping cream .. so I spent 15mins defrosting my cream and chopping up the coverture ..


200gm Coverture Chocolate (good quality - eg Valhorna will be good) - Grated / Chopped finely
100gm Toppin Pride Fresh Whipping Cream
Valhorna Cocoa Powder


1. line ur pan / tray / bowl which u will use to mould ur chocolate with cling wrap or parchment paper  - flat and wide base is good
2. Heat Whipping Cream over stove till starting to boil (u start to see bubbles at the rim of the pot)
3. REMOVE from heat (very impt)
4. Throw in your chopped / grated chocolate. (by chopping finely / grating, it helps to melt the chocolate FASTER)
5. use a whisk and mix till all chocolate melted and no more lumps.
6. Pour into your mould pan and fridge till harden.

7. Cut your chocolate to cubes - soak your knife in hot water, clean off excess water and than cut. Wipe off the chocolate and repeat for every cut - thise will give u clean cuts every time
8. Coat each chooclate piece with Sifted Cocoa powder. ( I used a lock & lock container, sifted all my coocoa powder in and cover and toss till fully coated)

This is a VERY ez recipe..

I was worried that it will taste lousy as i didnt do a dip tasting b4 fridging it .. anyway, i bought to office .. my Japanese manager gave a THUMBSUP! .. and my other coll say tat it tasted like Awfully Chocolate truffles hahaha ..

I felt so happy lah .. but than .. it can be imporved! ..

Will try again for this friday's neibies session ! .. ^_^v

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