Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Egg Tarts - Simple and Good ^_^v

I chance upon this Egg Tart Recipe from Munch Ministry website ... and find it quite simple. So i gave it a try ..

This recipe gives u about 50 minis or 36 normal size.

Short Crust Pastry:
250g unsalted butter, soften
120g castor sugar - I reduced to 100g for health...
1 egg
500g plain flour

Method :
1. Cream the butter and sugar till creamy
2. Add in the egg and mix well.
3. Finally, add in the flour and mix till soft dough. (If the dough is sticky, you can add more flour to mix till its smooth and non sticky. (add little at a time)
4. Mould into the tart mould.
5. Set aside while u prepare the custard mix.

Egg Custard:
350g water
100g castor sugar - I reduced to 100g for health...
100g milk (i used Anlene milk)
5 eggs

1. Preheat oven to 160dC.
2. Place water and sugar in a pot over low fire. Stir and bring water to boil till all sugar dissolved. Set aside to cool completely. To save time, I put it into the fridge.
3. once the syrup is cooled, add the milk in and stir.
4. Lightly beat the eggs and add into (2).
5. Mix well. Strain the egg mixture to remove any lumps.
6. Pour the strained mixture to the crust.
7. Bake the tarts for 20-25min or till crust is slightly brown.

Note : Prepare the egg custard first before you do the dough.

 Ingredients ... Say Cheese #(^_^)#
Omg didnt know pressing in the crust is such tedious job ~_______~
Custard poured in ready to go into the oven!~~~
Tada ~~~ Perfect~~

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