Sunday, July 26, 2015

Buns !~ Buns!~ .. Hot hot soft soft Buns!~

It had been a while since i last posted anything here.

I had issues with my back pain for a few mths now ... and it really bothering me .. I was not able to stand too long .. or even sit down without the pain ... Had been going to Tuina and Accupoint .. when my right side was "cured" .. .my left side became painful ...

My sinseh said that all along the left side had issues too .. but the right side was worst, hence I didnt tot I had any problem with my left side.. anyway .. its always good to follow up closely to "cure" the pain ... I tot i was better on my left side and stopped going to Tuina .. and now it go worst again .. So its back to the Tuina table again ... hopefully another 5 session will help .. ba......

Anyway .. as i mentioned, i had not been baking alot lately .. The other recent bake is a Pororo Durian cake for my Nephew In Law .. didnt wanted to do any special .. so just do a ombre blue cake deco .. and added some Pororo toys and mashmellow .. hahaha .. lazy way of doing cake .. anyway they dont know how to appreciate real cake deco .. and the toy is something the kid can play after the cake is gone .. so i think its more worth it to top with toy instead of overly sweet fondant figurine that is super hard to handle .. hehehehe .. Lazy Bigaku speaking here ...

I been wanting to make buns using normal mixer instead of Bread Maker (which i overly rely on lately too .. coz its so too convenient...) .. Since I had time last Sunday, I decided to brave my backache and make buns over my KA mixer .. hahaha ..

I had taken down a few bread recipe and one that really standout is the Shibuya トウトー recipe video I watch a few weeks back. I took a screen shot of each step from the video ..

The bread dough was ez to handle after kneading and it raises up to the occasion very well.

This is a TO KEEP recipe and will use this for a while .. love the spongy feeling when eating it ...

I half the recipe as 1kg of Flour is too much for my KA to handle ...


Breadflour 500gm ( I used 350g Breadflour + 150g Plain Flour)
Sugar 35gm
Yeast 10gm
Salt 8gm
Eggs 2 nos
Milk 200ml
Soften Butter 150gm

Had the bread this morning ...


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