Monday, December 30, 2013

CNY Trial Bake #2 - Meringue Cookies

Had always shun off Meringue as I very scare to spoil the batter when beating egg whites. But I have eggs (too many of it) and dont know what to do with them. So when one hubby-less evening, I think I should had enuff time to do it. So i gave it a try.

Meringues are made from Egg Whites, so I presume its consider HEALTHIER choice for cookies.. But its the sugar .. -___-

Borrowed the recipe from The Baking Biatch - Meringue Roses .

The result was really good .. I hawk over the KA all thru the beating as I really scare to spoil the eggs whites ... *hehe*

The result .. Heavenly! ... Light !!! SWEET! .. haha .. anyway I will do it again .. and this time .. LESSER sugar.

Hopefully I get time to do a bit of this as CNY bakes. ^_^

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