Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bakes for Christmas 2014 #2 - Awfully Chocolate Log Cake (very good review wor)

My last year's log cake (first time done without attending any classes), was very lousy in terms of taste and texture ... So this year, I told myself that I have to really make one GOOD one to redeem myself (which I had already done a few times lah) for the Co. Xmas Party in office.

I decided to give Chocolate another try .. I really dont do good with chocolate. But this time, surprisingly .. ITS A SUCCESS!!! .. Almost Awfully Chocolate .... ^_^ ... I am so pleased with myself when everyone who tried the cake TOT it was store bought. when the big bosses knew I bake it, they were all @_@ so surprised ... hehehe ..


 Swiss Roll

90gm Plain Flour and 10gm Cocoa Powder (Sifted together)
100gm Sugar
100gm Veg Oil
4 large Eggs

- Grease and Line a 11 x 11 swiss roll pan and pre heat oven to 180degC
- Whisk Eggs and Sugar till 3 x volume (ribbon stage some called it)
- Fold in Flour (do not fully incorporate it)
- Pour in Oil and Fold till SHINY batter
- Pour batter into prepared pan and level it.
- bake in oven for 15mins or till toothpick test come out clean.

Chocolate Ganache

250gm GOOD chocolate coverture (I used Valhorna 70%)
250ml Non Dairy Whipping Cream (I used Toppin Pride)
Rum if doing for Adults only.

- Boil Whipping Cream
- Pour over Chocolate and hand whisk till fully melted evenly.
- Let it cool down till NUTELLA consistancy (spreadable consistancy)
- Spread and deco accordingly

FYI, this recipe can also be used for normal ROUND / SQUARE 8" cakes. ^_^ ..

Oh in the last photo in the background, u see NAMA Chocolate too!! .. hehehe .. which you can find the recipe also when u click HERE....


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