Monday, December 30, 2013

CNY Trial Bake #1 - Bah Kwa Cookies (Adapted from Anncoo Jounal)

Xmas and CNY is only 1mth apart! .. I was contemplating not baking anything for CNY since i baked for Xmas already.

But I know there are some recipes that are not so difficult lah. So I decided to try out something Savoury for CNY this year as too much Sweets stuff around usually... A search online and i found this not so difficult recipe from Anncoo Journal - Bah Kwa Cookies.

Decided to give this a try .. so I headed to Bee Cheng Hiang to get some bah kwa and others .. hehe I have standby at home ...

Was worried that the cookies gonna taste weird as its still a sweet batter and now Bah Kwa will be added.

I bought the SPICY Bah Kwa hahahha .. so i was really keeping my fingers crossed that its going to turn out EDIBLE. hiak hiak ...

Anyway, the end result is really GOOD!!

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